Catering By Hoda's

Hoda and Hani Khouri have spent more than 19 years perfecting their authentic, family-style Lebanese dishes and their legendary Lebanese hospitality at their Southeast Portland restaurant. Hoda’s catering continues these traditions and tailors them to your special occasion. Let Hoda’s provide the delicious, homemade food for your next event – you’ve got enough to worry about! Hoda’s banquet room seats 35  and they have served as many as 1200 guests  off site catering .

Choose Hoda’s to cater your next party ! Our dishes are prepared with quality, freshness, using local organic produce from our local Dennis Farm and Spring Hill Farm when possible and our local 100% grass-fed beef and a great variety to please your guests! Call us for a quote!

Birthdays, Holiday  parties and Weddings are approaching!* Whether you are planning at home, a vineyard, park or a hall for a small or large celebration, let us help you plan your next memorable event with preparing wonderful platters and dishes made from fresh ingredients, using local organic produce when possible, a great quality and a large variety for your guest to enjoy! Choose any theme for your Menu and Hoda will help you with any Menu. SPECIAL: Reserve our banquet room up to 35 people for your next Party and receive a FREE Tray of Baklava.

Creative, Delicious & Elegant by Hodas

For Office Luncheon, Corporate , Physicians Conferences, Picnic in the Park, we offer  the 4 Course Meal for $12.95  and the 5 Course Meal for $13.95  Pick-up or Drop Off .

Choose One Salad, One Appetizer, One Meat Entree and one  Side Dish for $12.95 and add another side dish for $13.95

Half Trays Serve 10 To 25 People, Full Tray Serve 30 To 50 People

 Prices are displayed for half and full trays – Skewers are displayed in quantities of 25 or 50 –
Gluten Free Dishes are displayed with a *

Appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres

Taziki Sauce Tray*  30/50 
Dip Platter includes: 149/235 
Hummus, Baba Ghanouje, Mouhamra Served With Seasonal Vegetables, Olives And Pita Bread  
Hummus Tray* 40/75 
Baba Ghanouje Tray* 45/80 
Mouhamra Roasted Red Pepper Dip 45/85 
Stuffed Meat Grape Leaves Tray 45/90 
Feta Cheese Platter* 60/85 
Falafel Platter* 40/75 
Appetizer Pizza 45/90 
 Fresh Mozzarella , kalamata olives, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes Skewers 55/110 
 Kibbeh Nayeh -Steak Tartare Beef Tenderloin Tail mixed with cracked wheat, mint and basil and seasonings  125/250
 Meat Pies Tray  45/75 
 Spinach  Pies Tray  45/70 
 Zaatar Pies Tray  40/65 
 Mozzarella & Feta Pie Tray  45/90
 Roasted Red Pepper Pies  45/80 

Hot Entree Trays

Basmatic Rice*  H:40 F:75  
Salmon Kabob* H: 40 F: 75  
Kabob Tray 115/225 
Chicken and grass fed Kafta
Grass-fed Lamb Kabobs* 140/275 
Beef Tenderloin Tail Kabab* 140/275 
Chicken Shawarma Tray* 75/145 
Beef Shawarma Tray* 80/145 
Lamb Shawarma Tray* 85/165 
Kafta Slider with Caramelized Onions 60/145 
Dajaj Over Rice* 70/140 

Ground beef seasoned and cooked with Jasmine rice topped with poached chicken and garnished with toasted almonds , pine nuts and raisins.

Vegetarian Entrees

Half tray to serve up to 30 people and Full tray to serve up to 50 people

Mujadra   GF – Lentil with rice with caramelized onions
Half: $70.00 Full: $135.00
Sauteed Eggplant cooked with tomato sauce  GF
Half: $70.00 Full: $135.00
Sheik Mehshi   GF  -Grilled eggplant stuffed with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and toasted almonds, garlic and cumin topped with our home made tomato sauce.
Half: $80.00 Full:$130.00
Grilled Vegetables GF
Half: $70.00 Full: $140.00
Vegetarian Kabobs GF
Charbroiled Marinated local Zuchinni, mushrooms, red onions, peppers on Skewers .
Half : $70.00 Full: $140
Lima Beans or Green beans
Cooked with fresh garlic, onions, cilantro and our home made tomato sauce.
Half: $70.00 Full: $140


Tabouleh -fine chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, green onions, mint, olive oil, lemon juice and cracked wheat.

Tabouleh with quinoa is also available . Half Tray: 45  Full Tray 75

Malfouf Salad -shredded cabbage, mint, tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil) H: 40 Full:70

Feta Salad -romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, parsley, feta cheese, black olives and pepperoncini tossed in red vinegar,olive oil, oregano and lemon juice vinaigrette. H:45 Full:75

Fattoush Salad -romaine lettuce, radishes, mint, parsley,sumac, peppers, red onions, tomatoes tossed in fresh lemon, pomegranate molasses and olive oil. H:49 Full:80

1. Mezza Bar 

$28 per person

Tabouleh salad • Humos • Baba ghanouje • Chicken Kabobs • Beef Kabobs Local 100% grass fed beef • Falafels • Sambousek pies • Spinach pies • Feta cheese platter with olives • Chicken Kabobs • Vegetarian grape Leaves • Basmati rice • Fresh pita bread

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2. Shawarma Bar

$17 per person

Chicken and beef shawarma • Humos • Diced tomatoes, pickles, onions, shredded lettuce • Tahini sauce, garlic sauce and Taziki sauce • Fresh pita bread

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3. Kabob Bar

$17 per person and $2.00 extra for Lamb Kabobs per person

Choice of chicken, beef and lamb kabobs. • Skewer of Chicken breast • Humos • Garlic sauce • Choice of your salad • Basmati rice and pita bread.

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4. Social Gathering Bar

$18 per person

Tabouleh • Humos • Baba ghanouje • Mozzarella Skewers • Tahini sauce • Chicken kabobs • Spinach pies • Meat Pies • Pita bread

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5. Appetizers Bar

$22 per person 

Tabouleh • Humos • Baba Ghanouje • Falafel • Meat pies • Zaatar • Spinach Pies • Choice of Grape Leaves • Feta cheese Platter • Fresh pita bread

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6. Vegan Bar

$18 per person

Tabouleh salad or Fattoush salad Humos • Zaatar pies • Swiss chard and Spinach pies • Mujadra • Falafels • Vegetarian grape Leaves • Tahini sauce • Seasonal Farmers Market Vegetarian Entree. • Fresh pita bread

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5. Appetizers Bar

$20 per person

Tabouleh • Humos • Baba Ghanouje • Falafel  • Meat pies  • Zaatar  • Spinach Pies  • Choice of Grape Leaves • Feta cheese • Platter • Fresh pita bread

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6. Vegan Bar

$17 per person

Tabouleh or Fattoush salad • Humos • Zaatar pies • Swiss chard and Spinach pies • Mujadra • Falafels • Vegetarian Grape Leaves • Tahini sauce • Seasonal Farmers Market Vegetarian Entree • Fresh pita bread

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7. Northwest Favorites

$30 per person

Grilled wild  salmon fillet marinated in lemon, dill,  garlic, olive oil topped  with tahini sauce and toasted almonds.

100% Natural Chicken leg quarter Charbroiled and  marinated in lemon thyme and garlic served with local baked seasoned potatoes.

Humos & Baba ghanouje Platter

Grilled Asparagus seasoned in sumac, garlic and olive oil.

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8. Slider Party

$19 per person

Kafta Burger slider ( local 100% grass fed beef) #Sweet and chili chicken sliders

Shrimp and dill salad with celery and dill pickles.

Humos platter with fresh vegetables

Seasoned baked fries topped with fress garlic and italian parsley

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From The Oven (Tasty Homemade Dough)

Spinach Pies (spinach, fresh onions, sumac, olive oil and lemon juice)

Meat Pies Lahm Bi Ajeen (ground beef, onions, tomatoes, parsley and our special seasonings)

Zaatar (homemade dough topped with thyme, oregano, sesame and olive oil)

Cheese Pies (homemade dough topped with part skim mozzarella cheese and sesame)

Feta Cheese Pies (homemade pocket dough stuffed with feta cheese, thyme, oregano and olive oil)

Specialty Entrees

  • Chicken Shawarma (sliced chicken thigh marinated with our special seasonings, nicely grilled with bay leaves, served with garlic sauce)
  • Beef Shawarma (thinly sliced top sirloin steak, marinated with over 10 different spices, nicely flavored, served with tahini sauce and sauteed onions)
  • Kibbeh (oven baked meat and crack wheat patties, stuffed with ground lamb, onions and pine nuts)
  • Chicken (leg quarters marinated in lemon pepper, curry, bay leaves, tomato sauce and garlic baked to perfection)
  • Whole Leg of Lamb (leg of Lamb is nicely marinated in red wine and our seasonings then cooked until succulent and tender and served with bed of Basmati rice with ground beef topped with lamb, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts and raisins)
  • Kafta B’Saneyeh (layers of sliced potatoes, well seasoned ground beef patties, onion rings and sliced tomatoes baked in tomato sauce with light sprinkle of cheese on the top)
  • Salmon Fillet Samake Harra (salmon filled marinated in lemon pepper, chili, cilantro, garlic and onions topped with tahini sauce, toasted pine nuts and walnuts)

dapibus leo.